Al Kyder & Mr Terry Wrist

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Producers of Australian Broadcasting’s (ABC) The Chaser’s War on Everything satirical programme booked two tickets on a Wednesday flight to Melbourne with low-cost carrier Virgin Blue. The tickets were in the names of „Al Kyder“ and „Mr Terry Wrist,“ New South Wales daily Sydney Morning Herald is reporting.

The e-ticket reference numbers were loaded into a self-serve kiosk that did not require identity proof and boarding cards (pictured below) were issued. Kyder and Wrist were among five passengers named in a final boarding call after Morrow failed to board the aircraft. Fellow travellers at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport were reportedly alarmed at the names being called, with some assuming it was a coded call to security staff of an incident unfolding. []

Und wir dürfen nichtmal was zu Trinken im Handgepäck haben 🙄 Auf der Seite gibts auch noch ein Video des Ganzen. Lustig, als die beiden ausgerufen werden *g*

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